3G core network

3G Core Network have Roaming, Messaging and Data Network Nodes.  We provides software development services and consultancy for the same.  SS7 /Sigtran is the key protocol for roaming and messaging. While for data node GTP is the protocol.  We are providing software services for HLR, SMSC and GGSN on top of SS7/Sigtran.


GSM HLR is the core component of a Full MVNO or MNO.  It includes subscriptions for subscribers for Voice, Data and SMS. We provide software/product services for GSM HLR. Own an HLR reduces the cost of operation for an MVNO.  


GGSN is the gateway between a mobile network and the internet. For data services, an MVNO should deploy a GGSN along with the support of data in HLR.


For messaging MVNOs uses SMSC. This a node that handles Mobile Originated and Mobile Terminated short messages. 

Camel Gateway for MVNos

Camel Gateway uses CAP for online real-time charging. For prepaid sim card, Camel Gateway is a software that handles charging events. 

Customize and other softwares MVNOs

For deploying new services and features. MVNOs may need a customized application.  Few examples are, location-based softwares over SS7/ Sigtran. HLR lookup software for number portability etc.