smsc for MVNOs

SMSC software solution for MVNOs An MVNO stands for Mobile Virtual Network Operator. They do not have the license for the spectrum but provide sim cards with their own plans for roaming and messaging. Based on the components it holds an MVNO can be a basic one or a full Virtual Network Operator. A full … Read more


SMPP to SS7/Sigtran SMSC for Bulk Messaging Mostly bulk messaging providers use SMPP protocol for providing A2P and P2A messaging.  While on the telecom network, GSM MAP provides messaging service over SS7/Sigtran. Here we will explain what is SMPP to SS7 and why a messaging provider needs messaging over SS7?    Click Here for ComCode’s … Read more

How does MVNO/MNO/MVNE Work?

As we know, Mobile Virtual Network Operator(MVNO)is a wireless communications services provider company. It does not have radio frequency resources but sells mobile communication services under its brand name using the network of a licensed mobile operator. It is also known as a virtual network operator (VNO) or mobile licensed operator (MOLO). An MVNO offers … Read more