HSS is the core node in the LTE data-only network. HSS has the 4G-LTE subscriber profile. The profile has APNs settings along with other details. HSS uses the Diameter Protocol for network interfaces. With MME/SGSN an HSS uses S6a/S6d diameter interface. This is the basic interface for providing data services to an LTE subscriber. 

HSS has S6a/S6d interfaces towards MME/SGSN for Authentication and data services for HSS. With the LTE data speed is good. IoT SIM cards take advantage of high-speed data. HSS one an S6t interface for NB-IoT.

NB-IoT is an LPWN radio interface with the capability of small data on the Control plane.  HSS supports NB-IoT subscription support. 

We provide full support for all HSS interface. We can deliver simple 4G data only HSS or a complex with many other interfaces. 

LTE-HSS features

  • Inbuild support for 4g-Auc for 4G sim card subscribers. 
  • Support for Control Plane Data delivery for NB-IoT over SCEF and SGi interface. 
  • LTE-HSS supports IP and NonIP data over S1-U and S1AP control plane.
  • UE parameters control. 
  • HSS supports IP and NonIp APN configuration profiles.