SMPP to SS7/Sigtran SMSC for Bulk Messaging

Mostly bulk messaging providers use SMPP protocol for providing A2P and P2A messaging.  While on the telecom network, GSM MAP provides messaging service over SS7/Sigtran. Here we will explain what is SMPP to SS7 and why a messaging provider needs messaging over SS7?   

What is SMPP to SS7 SMSC?

SMPP to SS7 SMSC does the necessary protocol format/procedure conversion between two Messaging protocols. On the SMPP site, the software works as an SMPP server where SMPP ESME can connect and bind to the server over SMPP. On SS7, the software does signaling over Sigtran. SMPP to SS7 works in both directions means SS7 to SMPP too. This enables both A2P and P2A messaging. 

How to use SMPP to SS7 SMSC?

To use the SMSC, the first SMSC is configured with the required parameters. For SMPP, an ESME account is created with the IP, Port, User, and Password. On SS7 side the Sigtran links, Point Code and global titles are configured. If all configured correctly, ESME successfully binds over SMSC and Sigtran links become active with remote SS7, Signalining Gateway or STP. At this stage, SMPP to SS7 is ready for A2P and P2A messaging. 

A2P messaging with SMPP to SS7 SMSC

For A2P messaging an SMPP ESME binds to the SMSC. After a successful bind, Esme sends an SMPP submit_sm PDU, to the SMSC.  Now SMSC starts the procedure to send SMS over SS7/Sigtran.  Once the procedure completes, SMSC sends a delivery report to the ESME over SMPP in deliver sm PDU. 

P2A messaging with SMPP to SS7 SMSC

P2A messaging is to send a text from a mobile device to an application. In P2A messaging, an SMS is submitted to the SMSC over SS7/Sigtran. SMSC sends the message to the ESME in deliver sm SMPP PDU. On response, a delivery report is generated over SS7/Sigtran

Who can use SS7 to SMPP SMSC?

A bulk SMS service provider, who connects to the Mobile Operator over SMPP can use the SS7 A2P or P2A SMSC.  With SMSC, a  bulk SMS provider will get the following advantages.

  • Reduced cost per SMS by using SS7 connection. 
  • Same Connection Can be used for HLR lookup.
  • HLR lookup can clean the subscriber database.
  • More real-time delivery reports. 
  • Offloads the mobile operators SMSC.

How to connect over SS77/Sigtran to use SS7/Sigtran SMSC?

Till now we know that SS7/Sigtran another good option for A2P, P2A messaging. But is it always feasible to use SS7 along with SMPP? Here we will discuss what a bulk SMS provider needs to take the advantages of SS7 to SMPP SMSC.  The following list the procedure to use SS7 for messaging.

  • The first step is to get the global title from a Mobile Operator. A bulk SMS service provider can lease the global title.
  • Find a signaling provider. Signaling partner will connect you over SS7Sigtran and will publish the global tile.