smpp ussd gateway


USSD is the basic service in the telecom network from exchanging user text with the mobile network operator. Telecom network uses GSM MAP protocol over SS7 for USSD and SMS.  For SMS there is another protocol named SMPP. With SMPP a messaging service provider can connect to the mobile operator’s SMSC for an A2P or P2A messaging.  This enables a service provider to provide short message service without leasing a global tile. 

USSD Gateway over SMPP

Mobile network operators open the SMPP based connectivity for USSD. We are providing SMPP based USSD gateway A software solution to the content or other service providers. With SMPP, a service provider does not need to lease a Global Title from the mobile operator.  USSD over SMPP saves the initial setup cost and time for the service. 

USSD Gateway Over SS7

SS7 is the legacy option for providing USSD based services. We are providing software solution for SS7 based USSD gateway also.  A service provider can send/receive USSD strings over SS7 using our solution. To use the solution, a service provider should have a global title and SS7 connectivity and route for the USSD strings.