sms over LTE

What SMSC needs to support SMS over LTE?

SMSC is the network node in a telecom network that is set up by the MNOs, MVNOs, or messaging aggregators. The legacy short message service uses the SS7 protocol. Other than that an SMSC also has exposed to the SMS service user. It is Via SMPP or HTTP etc. Apart from that, there are many components an SMSC can have, such as billing, etc. In LTE there will be another signaling protocol named Diameter Protocol.

For a pure LTE network, all signaling over SS7 for messaging has been shifted over Diameter. Although SS7 is not replaced fully. So an SMSC over LTE also supports SS7 side by side.

What Diameter Applications need to support by the SMSC for LTE?

There are two application interfaces that SMSC should add to support SMS Over LTE. The SGd and S6c. The SGd is between MME and SMSC for MO and MT message and S6c with the HLR for supporting SRI-SM, RepoertSM delivery, etc.

Is SMS over LTE and SMS over IMS is same?

In both, the base transport is the IP network. But IMSI uses SIP protocol while LTE uses Diameter.

We are having a diameter platform that can be used for sending SMS events over Diameter Protocol. It exposes simple easy to use APIs. We also have our own SMSC for SS7 and other signaling components. Please contact us here.