smsc for MVNOs

SMSC software solution for MVNOs

An MVNO stands for Mobile Virtual Network Operator. They do not have the license for the spectrum but provide sim cards with their own plans for roaming and messaging. Based on the components it holds an MVNO can be a basic one or a full Virtual Network Operator.

A full MVNO has all components other than the radio network infrastructure based on SS7, Diameter, and other network protocols. A full MVNO has its own range of IMSIs and MSISDNs. To enable operations requires network core components such as HLR, HSS, SMSC, GGSN, PGW, etc. After setting the core network it can public GTs and MSISDN with network aggregators such as BICS.

Comcode provides the core network software solutions and consultancy for the MVNOs. With agile methodology, we help the network operators to set up new services very quickly.

How ComCode’s SMSC software useful for MVNOs?

Messaging is the key component of any mobile network operator. Our software-only solution is very fast and easy to use. It gives all flexibility to a mobile operator to set the business logic. Comes with an SMPP interface for sending and receiving SMS.


What flow does SMSC cover?

The SMSC works over standard SS7, Diameter, and SMPP protocols. It covers all possible flows an MVNO needs to implement for messing.

  • P2P – SS7 to SS7 – A UE can submit a short message over SS7 from the MSC to a target phone number (MSISDN). SMSC will deliver text messaging to the target subscriber over SS7.
  • P2P – (SS7 to SMPP) – UE submits the short message to a target number and SMSC delivers the same text to the destination over SMPP. This given MVNO an option to use low-cost routes for international text messages.
  • A2P – SMPP to SS7 – Application-to-person messaging is useful for promotional and other application-specific messaging such as banks etc.
  • P2A SS7 to SMPP – Person to Allocation messaging to use get survey etc.

Optionally we also support the Diameter protocol for SMS over LTE for and MVNO. Our diameter platform can be used for many other applications too. Such as Gy interface with OCS for charging, Gx for data throttling S6a for roaming, and many others.

You can contact us at for a demo version of SMSC software.