ss7 smsc

SS7 SMSC for A2P, P2A and A2A messaging

The our SS7 SMSC solution is best suitable for the messaging providers for sms service.  SMSC is software only component , that can work on a Linux server. Highly optimized for high load rate. A single instance of smsc can process very high TPS with a very minimum hardware configuration.  


ss7 smsc

SS7 Connectivity in SMSC

SS7 provides SS7 connectivity using Sigtran. Sigtran connectivity have support for high speed M3UA layer over SCTP.  A single sigtran link carry a high TPS.  Supports multiple links support in case for redundancy.


SMPP is a messaging protocol over TCP/IP. To connect  an user application with smsc. We provides SMPP based interface.  Because of SMPP, a SMSC user can easily can connect existing SMPP based messaging infrastructure to SMSC for SS7.

Benefits of using SS7 SMSC for messaging

Use of SS7 smsc brings many benefits for a sms service provider and for a mobile operator too. With ss7 smsc , service provider can provide sms service for lesser cost. For a mobile operator, the operator’s SMSC gets offloaded.